The Most Important Facts About You Will Also Discover a Lot of Web Sites Which

The Most Important Facts About You Will Also Discover a Lot of Web Sites Which

June 16, 2018 0 By webmaster

You will also discover a lot of web sites which emphatically say this treatment is a hoax, which you cannot draw toxins from your body across the soles of your feet. The water in the foot tub changes colour. Each color relates to toxicity of another organ or system of your body. Brown = Liver and Joints – Green = Gall Bladder – Yellow = Urinary Tract – Orange = Joints – White = Lymphatic and/or Yeast – Blue = Kidneys – black spots = heavy metals poisons – So if the water turns blue, the human kidneys are the most poisonous portion of your body, and the foot bath is pulling poisons from your kidneys through the bottoms of your feet.

I have to admit, it sounded pretty ridiculous. Thats why I decided I was so the best man to try it out. I’m very in tune with my body. Once I say a few alcohol, I suggest a fair amount. Each time I woke up, my back was so rigid. Urination was difficult, and my pee was almost brown and had a strong odor. But it turned out blue, a nasty, dark, muddy blue with large, black flecks in it. It had been gross. Those sites who call this therapy a hoax said the water could have changed colour whether my legs were in there or not.

But I never told Dr. Kelly my kidneys have been hurting, and the water turned out the right color. And after into the treatment, I did feel better. Prior to the treatment I couldnt stand up after sitting for long time periods. But after 30 mins in into the foot bath, I was able to stand ideal up without stiffness.

The following day I woke up with about into the lower back stiffness and had no trouble peeing. Step two was so to go back to Dr. Kelly after I spent a couple weeks detoxifying. Towards the end of 30 mins the water was yellow. Not a very deep dark yellow, just a very light yellow as if I’d urinated in it. There were no black flecks. One more test was in order. Following a number of weeks, I’d deep dark circles under my eyes, regardless of sleep. Throughout this time, I was so drinking cranberry juice, along with taking Standard Processes Phosfood to keep my kidneys out of getting backed up.

Not very scientific, that I know, but that I got into the results I wanted. The 3rd time the footbath to change from green to orange and after that to dark brown for into the last 25 minutesthe colour of a toxicity liver. Once more, I felt a little better instantly and the next day I felt and looked far better. Coincidence? No. Not when the colours matched the symptoms.